Snooker betting system

If you like live betting then you can certainly try to bet on snooker. The game is really interesting and what is more important for all punters, it offers many opportunities for the unexpected twists with big enough odds. In the next few paragraphs I will try to explain briefly some possible options for live betting on snooker.

As you all know on the highest level in this game is quite often the first player who managed to pocket all ball by not allowing his opponent to play again in the frame. This gives some interesting perspectives for live betting on the winner in each frame, because when a player starts to make points the odds for a win in the frame for his opponent jump to the sky.

snooker betting system

Often when a player leads with 15-20 points we can see that the odds for his loss are around 3.5 – 4. What can we try in such case? It is very simple. Decide the desired odds you are looking for. Usually I use 3 as my limit and begin to watch the match live. As soon as a player begins to score his points, I start to follow the odds for his opponent in the life betting section. As soon as it reaches 3 I bet on him immediately.

As we all know in snooker the players often come to the table and clear it without letting their opponent do something. However, we also know that sometimes the opposite happens. Sometimes a single mistake can turn things around and the win can go to the other player. When this happens I have already bet with odds of 3, which is quite good.

Of course, the easiest thing you can do, especially if you enjoy watching snooker is to make your own betting database of how many times and which player has gone for a winning position for a frame and lost it because of a mistake. This will increase your chances of winning.

Opportunities for live betting on snooker are really big and only depend on your imagination to find the ways for betting which will really fit you. I just jotted down some of my ideas, but everything else has to come from you.

Is it worth betting on Champions League and Europa League

Today the matches from the Champions League start and a few days later is the start of Europa League. Forty matches which will surely attract the interest of all punters – both professionals and those who do betting just for fun. But now the question is – is it worth betting on them at all? Are some of these 40 matches pretty sure for betting or is it just an option where you will find great emotions, but you will lose your money?

The question is really important because a reference in any bookmaker would show that the number of bets on some matches from the Champions League is larger than any match of the European Championships. And this is definitely a little silly.

champions_league betting

Let’s take a closer look at the Champions League and the betting options that the bookmakers offer. They are more than 120 different types of bets with thousands of coefficients for every punter. More than any other match in the betting coupons and this is made on purpose.

Besides attracting serious interest, the matches from the European club tournaments are extremely unpredictable. Often against each other we can see teams that haven’t played together in the last few years. How can we predict a match without being able to compare the class of both teams?

How do you know if one of the attackers will have an advantage over the defenders of the other team without ever having seen them in action against each other? How can we make a bet without a real possibility to compare the strengths of both teams?

This is why my betting advice to you is never to bet on matches from the European tournaments.

I am a fan of statistical betting predictions, so I don’t even look at these matches. I simply can’t catch any patterns. There is not enough statistical information about the performance of any team in the tournament so I can’t make the necessary conclusions.

At the end I will repeat it once again. I don’t bet serious money on matches from the European club football tournaments and I suggest you should not do it either.

Montpellier vs Arsenal 2 DNB

The great show of the Champions League starts this evening and one of the most exciting matches will be between the teams of the champion of France Montpellier and Arsenal from England, which this year began the season with high ambitions. The intrigue between these two teams is even greater because the best player and top scorer of the French championship for the last season – Olivier Giroux decided to leave Montpellier and the direction was Arsenal. Although he failed to adapt perfectly to Arsene Wenger’s team, his absence is felt in the team of the champions of France.

The season for Montpellier in France did not start particularly well. With just one win from their first five matches and three losses, the team has the unenviable 16th place in the standings. As host the team failed to win in their two matches so far, finishing 1-1 with Toulouse and lost with 0:1 by the leader Marseille.

betting prediction

The same can’t be said for Arsenal. The gunners started with great pace and allowed just one goal in their first four matches, ending twice with draws and winning away to Liverpool and at home against Southampton. The last game ended 6-1 in favor of Arsenal, which will certainly allow them to come up with even more confidence in their first match of the Champions League.

However, the current form is certainly in favor of Arsenal, but it is not their biggest advantage. It is the fact that Arsene Wenger is French and the French speaking players at the London club are the majority. This will give the necessary priority to Arsenal as they have thorough knowledge of the game of the French team. Of course, the style of Arsenal is not unknown to the French, but it is quite another thing to know everything from the kitchen of a team.

Moreover, the tradition shows that Arsenal begin their first matches in the Champions League in style and I believe today they will not lose this match.

If we see the betting coupons, the bookies have put Arsenal in the role of the favorite in this match, offering odds of 2.1 for their victory. However, as I said I’m sure the guests will not lose this game, but I’m not sure they will win. Therefore, I will try to avoid the risk with a bet on Arsenal with draw no bet, which gives me odds of 1,52.