Is it worth betting on Champions League and Europa League

Today the matches from the Champions League start and a few days later is the start of Europa League. Forty matches which will surely attract the interest of all punters – both professionals and those who do betting just for fun. But now the question is – is it worth betting on them at all? Are some of these 40 matches pretty sure for betting or is it just an option where you will find great emotions, but you will lose your money?

The question is really important because a reference in any bookmaker would show that the number of bets on some matches from the Champions League is larger than any match of the European Championships. And this is definitely a little silly.

champions_league betting

Let’s take a closer look at the Champions League and the betting options that the bookmakers offer. They are more than 120 different types of bets with thousands of coefficients for every punter. More than any other match in the betting coupons and this is made on purpose.

Besides attracting serious interest, the matches from the European club tournaments are extremely unpredictable. Often against each other we can see teams that haven’t played together in the last few years. How can we predict a match without being able to compare the class of both teams?

How do you know if one of the attackers will have an advantage over the defenders of the other team without ever having seen them in action against each other? How can we make a bet without a real possibility to compare the strengths of both teams?

This is why my betting advice to you is never to bet on matches from the European tournaments.

I am a fan of statistical betting predictions, so I don’t even look at these matches. I simply can’t catch any patterns. There is not enough statistical information about the performance of any team in the tournament so I can’t make the necessary conclusions.

At the end I will repeat it once again. I don’t bet serious money on matches from the European club football tournaments and I suggest you should not do it either.